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Valentine’s Day: 5 Epic Romantic Getaways for 2024

After the year we just had and the long, cold, dark winter upon us, nothing sounds better than a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

This last year, I’ve explored the world with the love of my life, and in the process have found some of the loveliest gems you can still get to, even with the seemingly endless travel restrictions we facde.

Whether you’re ideal Valentine’s Day is on the water in the tropics, or up in the arctic watching the Northern Lights, here’s are the top 5 most romantic Valentine’s Day getaways.

1) Charter A Sailboat in the US Virgin Islands for Valentine’s Day… or Week

What’s more romantic than a sunset cruise and truly private dining? There’s no better Valentine’s Day gift than some tropical weather, crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, and a nice sea breeze… all to you and your special valentine.

There's nothing more romantic than just the two of you on a sailboat for Valentine's day.. uh.. week.
Imagine having all this to yourselves… that’s the Virgin Islands right now. Photo by Andi Munoz/@destinationchaser from our trip together.

I just returned from a 12-day sail in the Virgin Islands and can tell you that now is the time to charter. We found ourselves anchored along the most beautiful beaches in the world with not a single other boat around us. And it was the cheapest charter we’ve ever done in the Virgin Islands.

A simple google search reveals tons of choice for charters. Thanks(?) to the pandemic, most charter companies are running discounts like never before:

Sailing: the best Valentine's Day getaway.
Tons of choices in St. Thomas and St. John for a romantic sailing getaway.

You decide whether to charter by yourself or with an experienced captain/skipper. Charters vary from just a day to several weeks – make it a Valentine’s week!

U.S. Virgin Islands Travel Requirements

There are not specific Covid-19 requirements to enter – as easy as it gets. The best thing about traveling to a US Territory is there are no testing requirements to return back to the mainland either.

2) Enjoy the Best Resort in all the Caribbean

With an infinity pool overlooking the most unique mountains of the Caribbean in each room, private butlers, and bottomless champagne, St. Lucia’s Jade Mountain has everything you need for the most romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Getaway
My love and I enjoying the most romantic getaway of our lives earlier this month at Jade Mountain.

You have over 600 acres of land to explore – including two soft-sand beaches, a tennis court, and a farm. Yes, this resort has its own farm, the Emerald Farm. And that’s where they source their food!

With access to windsurfs, sunfish sailboats, kayaks, diving, snorkeling, and mountain biking, you won’t have enough time to enjoy this slice of paradise. The resort even owns a 60 foot catamaran that goes out on sunset cruises – private if desired. Watch out; you just might see some whales from the sailboat. Recently, more than eight sperm whales were spotted together from a “Jazzy” sunset cruise.

Jade Mountain currently offering the fifth night free – a pretty big deal for the nicest suites in the Caribbean.

St. Lucia Travel Requirements


3) Enjoy Valentine’s Tequila Amongst Cacti Forests in Tucson, Arizona

Imagine yourselves gazing over vast hills of endless Sonoran cacti at sunrise, sitting around a fire pit in chilly, refreshing morning desert air and taking in the spectacular Native American Mitakuye Oyasin ritual done everyday at dawn at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort and Spa.

Imagine spending Valentine's day in this amazing place!
Saguaros everywhere! These views never get old. Picture courtesy of Marriott.com (of the JW Marriott Tucson)

Or if you’re not much of a morning person, you can enjoy a nightly tequila toast at the Salud Terrace at sunset, partake in the “Legend of Arriba Abajo”, and celebrate with old friends and new.

In between, Tucson boasts the sunniest climate of the USA (including Hawaii), incredible hiking and diversity of nature, and the Tucson Botanical Gardens, named by Reader’s Digest as the BEST Secret Garden in America. At the hotel, you’ll find Arnold Palmer-designed golf courts and a lazy river.

Arizona Travel Requirements

The best part is that there are no current travel restrictions or quarantine mandates for individuals visiting Arizona from the other U.S. States. 

4) Watch the Aurora Borealis in Fairbanks for Valentine’s Night

If you want a nice, long romantic night, you’ll get more than you’re asking for in Fairbanks. 16 hours of it on Valentine’s Day, in fact.

Fairbanks; cold as heck, but perfect for these views. Great romantic valentine's day travel destinaion.
Fairbanks; cold as heck, but perfect for these views.

Winter is the best time to catch the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, with clear skies and long, cold nights. Bask in hot springs or enjoy an ice museum at the Chena Hot Springs Resort. Whether you want to spend the night or enjoy a simple day trip, they have packages to suit your fancy.

5) Ski & Enjoy a Romantic Dinner in Park City, Utah

Park City, located just outside the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, is known for some of the best skiing in the United States, but it’s so much more than just that. It lists amongst Telluride and Vail as the most gorgeous ski towns in the nation, while being a little more off the beaten path.

Park City Utah is the perfect romantic Valentine's day getaway.
Park City is the quintessential mountain town. Just outside Salt Lake City, it offers world-class skiing and even better dining and entertainment.

If you’re not into skiing, don’t worry. You have options, including bobsledding and ziplines! According to visitparkcity.com, “the Utah Olympic Park bobsled ride called ‘The Comet’ is one of the longest slides in the world, with over 3,000 feet of fast and furious gliding and sliding.  The ‘ride of your life?’ That could be an understatement.

Zipline rides at Park City Mountain Resort and Utah Olympic Park feature 500-foot vertical drops, the steepest in the world. Yet another way to satisfy your wild side. Soar above the treetops at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.”

You can enjoy fine dining on Main Street or up in the alpine mountainscape and end your day by lodge at one of many luxurious ski resorts for the ultimate romantic Valentine’s winter day.

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