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3 Ultimate Ways to Find a Vaccine Appointment in Maryland

Live or work in Maryland? If you’re searching for the ultimate way to snag a vaccine appointment, you’re in the right place. It will still take some time and work on your end, but this is your best shot to get a vaccine appointment in Maryland as quickly as possible.

Vaccine Phases in Maryland – Be Attentive

Wondering when you will become eligible to be vaccinated for Covid-19 in Maryland? Though it’s a lot of information to swallow, Maryland provides everything you need to know on one website. You can find the vaccine phases and what they entail here.

Keep in mind that vaccine phases in Maryland can actually vary per county. If you’re going to a mass vaccination center or a private venue (such as Walgreens), you should follow the Maryland vaccine phases. Otherwise, if you plan to use a public county-run vaccination site (such as a hospital), make sure to check the vaccine phase information for that particular county.

Maryland's vaccine phases don't align the the federal recommendations. And Montgomery County's vaccine phases don't align with Maryland!
Montgomery County has specific, slightly different phases (and tiers) than Maryland’s state government does.

For example, Montgomery County divides the vaccine phases into tiers, and does not strictly follow the Maryland State vaccine phase guidance. Frontline essential workers fall under phase 1B in Montgomery County, whereas they are in phases 1C and 2 for Maryland. And Montgomery County was still in phase 1B when Maryland had already advanced to phase 1C. Make sure to do your research ahead of time. It’s better than getting rejected and having to find a new vaccine appointment. Nobody likes rejection.

The Best Automatic Vaccine Appointment List

Maryland Vaccine Updates is the BEST way to quickly snag an appointment.
mdvax.info provides automatic Covid-19 vaccine appointment updates. Set up an automatic refresh or check back regularly.

Mdvax.info is clearly the best and most efficient way to find a vaccine appointment quickly. It uses a backend server to automatically populate when appointments become available at 15 different sites across the state. It is absolutely the best resource to find a lot of information very quickly.

Download an app (such as Super Simple Auto Refresh) to automatically refresh the website at specified time intervals. This will lessen your workload and enable you to catch an available vaccine appointment as soon as it’s available.

MDVaxAlerts Twitter Page: Great for instant Maryland vaccine appointment alerts

So you’ve been holding out on using Twitter. Well, if you really want to get a vaccine appointment as soon as possible, it may be time to change your ways.

MDVaxAlerts is a bot that provides nearly instantaneous tweets as soon as vaccine appointments become available. You can sign up for push notifications that alert your phone as soon as MDVaxAlerts tweets about a new appointment.

Maryland's covid-19 vaccine appointment automatically updating website.
Turn on post notifications and be ready to jump on an available appointment.

Maryland’s Comprehensive “Find a Vaccine” Appointment Website

This method is arduous, archaic, and abstruse. But it’s the most comprehensive.

The Maryland State government lists every vaccine site in Maryland here, and I mean every one of them. Unfortunately, 99% of the sites are not automatically updated – meaning you will have to search a ton of websites, make some phone calls, or just give up and rely on one of the previous two methods.

You can select the distance you are willing to go to get vaccinated. I've heard of people driving to Ocean City or North East from the DC suburbs to find vaccination sites with appointments in Maryland.
You can select the distance you are willing to go to get vaccinated. I’ve heard of people driving to Ocean City or North East from the DC suburbs to find vaccination sites with appointments in Maryland.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re willing to put the time in, this is definitely the best way to find results.

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