Travel the world in 2021 like an airline pilot. Latest travel guidance, travel hacks, travel tips , and travel requirements for 2021.
Travel Like the Pilot Who Explores

Hello there and welcome onboard our website, The Pilot Who Explores. We’re here to make your travels just a bit easier – and your layovers way more fun.

As an international airline pilot, I’m very lucky to see the other side of travel – the intricacies, the policies, and the constant evolution. My partner is a travel guru and tour agency owner, having visited over 115 countries and accumulating a fanbase of over 350k subscribers while doing it. Our intent is to use our experience to make your travel journey as safe, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible.

And we don’t post about places we haven’t been to, so you can be sure to find more accurate details you wouldn’t find on other websites.

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About Me

My love for flying began as early as I can remember, and I began training as soon as I turned 16. In the last ten years since then, I have flown aircraft ranging from Cessna 172s to Boeing 747s on six continents around the world, but my true passion is the travel involved in my job. Half the fun of working in the airline industry is the travel benefits. In 2019 alone, outside of work, I visited 30 countries and spent more than half the year abroad.

Since the pandemic started, I’ve traveled to 70 countries outside the US. Many of these countries heavily depend on tourism and are so grateful to see outsiders.

I started this website in hopes of encouraging people to start traveling again, and reclaim their lives fully. By showing how easy and seamless traveling can be, even during a major pandemic, I hoped to inspire people to travel and help aid the still-removing tourism industry in countries around the world.

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