10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting the Bahamas After Covid

Considering an awesome getaway to the beautiful Bahamas? Coming to you live from Palm Cay (pronounced like ‘Key’) in Nassau, here are 10 things you really should know before you travel to the Bahamas.

Looking back, flying to the Bahamas was actually one of the easiest, most pleasant experiences I’ve had traveling around the world during Covid-19.

Our plan was to charter a Catamaran sailboat and explore the Exumas by island-hopping. On our way, we learned much about the Bahamas, past and present. Times have changed, but the Bahamians have stood strong.

It’s a great time to rekindle an old love for these incredible islands, or to embark on a new one. We certainly found inspiration here. And learned a couple things so that you don’t have to! 😁

1) There aren’t really Covid-19 travel restrictions into the Bahamas anymore

From the Bahamas tourism website about travel requirements in 2021.
You can find more details at Bahamas.com

Since September, the Bahamas have announced that testing isn’t required – even if you’re unvaccinated. That also applies to interisland travel.

Time to hit the Bahamas with no stress!

2) You can swim with pigs

Staniel Cay makes the Bahamas very popular: for this one simple reason!
Staniel Cay makes the Bahamas very popular: for this one simple reason!

Staniel Cay is a hotspot for many reasons – one of which is pig beach!

You can get here by boat, or via interisland flights.

3) Travel Between the Islands of the Bahamas is Permitted

The Exumas are open for travel in 2021.
We hooked up to a mooring ball here in the Exumas Land and Sea Park. Talk about the Bahama Blues!

I personally spent my 7 day trip hopping between the incredible Exumas – from Nassau to Highbourne Cay to Staniel Cay with a couple extra stops.

At the beginning of the pandemic, inter-island travel was forbidden for awhile. Luckily, that’s no longer the case. Even better, you can find testing almost ALL over the Bahamas to satisfy your return testing requirements if needed.

4) The sailing days here are very long – but awesome

We chartered a catamaran here for 5 days, and found that the conditions were great – but the distances certainly are long.

Many of our sails were 20NM – or even as much as 40NM! Much of the water near the islands is shallow, with reefs in certain places. So you definitely have to watch out.

If you don’t have much time, charter a motor boat – or fly between the islands!

5) Don’t Expect the Usual Crowds

Staniel Cay, Bahamas. Travel here in 2021!
Right next to Staniel Cay, you can swim with the pigs. This beach was open and unusually quiet – more pigs than people!

During the week I spent here, I noticed something very unusual. There were no lines anywhere!

From the moment I touched down, I never had to wait. Airport customs went by super quickly. On island, I noticed that most tours still had empty spots last-minute, and hotels were running exceptional deals.

I even visited the famous Pig Beach next to Staniel Cay and had access to as many pigs as I wanted. And swam in the Thunderball Grotto (featured in many films included James Bond) with no one around me. Crazy, especially for the Bahamas.

6) Resorts in the Bahamas Are Better Than Ever Before

mas is a great place to let go of all your worries.
The Baha Mar resort in Nassau, Bahamas is a great place to let go of all your worries.

Atlantis, known globally as the resort to visit in the Bahamas, now has some stiff competition.

Baha Mar used the downtime from Covid-19 and it’s effects on tourism to expand their size 3 times over, including the addition of a world-class casino. Plus, they’re the first and only resort to provide courtesy private jet service back to the U.S. or a free stay for guests who test positive for COVID-19 prior to departure from the resort.

Hey, competition is a great thing.

7) You Can Charter a Yacht and Discover Everything the Bahamas Has to Offer

This was our sailboat last week in the Exumas. I definitely had caught a bad case of the Bahama Blues….

We personally chartered a 36-foot catamaran sailboat to be one with nature on our trip. And the nature in the Bahamas is simply phenomenal.

We were glad to see that the national parks, including the world-famous Exumas Land and Sea Park, were all open.

Moorings and dock slips were available everywhere we went, but anchoring works great here.

8) Some Restaurants Require Reservations

This is something that caught us off-guard more than once. Both times, we ended up taking our little dinghy back to the boat on empty stomachs.

Although I believe this to be the norm (at least in the Exumas), it is especially enforced after the pandemic. It’s a great way to keep social distancing in mind.

9) Face Masks Aren’t Required in the Bahamas

Thankfully, the Bahamas have shaved off their previous face mask ruling.

10) The Locals Are Very Receptive to Tourism

From Carnival, perhaps the most important festival of the year in the Bahamas.
From Carnival, perhaps the most important festival of the year in the Bahamas.

Like so many tourism-dependent countries, the Bahamas was hit hard by the pandemic. As a country that normally thrives on tourism, especially from Americans, many people struggled this past year.

Be kind, be understanding, and be thankful. Times have been tough for everyone, and Bahamians are so happy to see the return of their friends from another country. It makes for a fantastic ambiance.

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