Ask a Pilot: Which NYC Airport is Best, LGA, JFK, or EWR? (2023)

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  1. Well, as you said, it depends where you live. Since I live in the northern NYC suburbs (Rockland-Orange County), Newark is far easier than LGA or JFK. Actually, Stewart and Westchester are the most convenient, but they have limited service. I avoid LGA and JFK as much as possible. For me to reach either airport in Queens, I have to use TWO bridges, which is to be avoided at all costs in NYC. I don’t need any bridge to reach Newark, and I can drive on the Garden State or the Turnpike. LGA requires the Grand Central Parkway, a mess, while JFK requires the Van Wyck, a nightmare. As for lounges and terminals, real New Yorkers don’t care, they just want to get the job done. Yes, Newark’s Terminal C is pretty good, but I’ve departed from B many times. It’s okay. It’s not like the nuclear apocalypse you describe!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Totally agree, though HPN is quite a disaster in how crowded it is and Stewart is just so far unless you’re on Long Island. And ever since JFK and LGA have been redone, I do find that EWR Terminals A/B really shows their age. I hope something gets done soon. But the worst part is definitely the incessant delays there.

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